El Paso County Coliseum Tickets

4100 E Paisano Dr, El Paso, TX

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Dec 15

Fri 8:00 PM

Jan 20 2018

Sat 8:00 PM

Jan 25 2018

Thu 7:35 PM

Feb 2 2018

Fri 7:00 PM

Mar 4 2018

Sun 8:00 PM

Apr 20 2018

Fri 8:00 PM

May 9 2018

Wed 7:30 PM

El Paso County Coliseum is a mid-sized multi-purpose entertainment arena located in the city of El Paso, Texas. With a legendary history, this old arena has a spectacular sound system and can seat up to 7,000 people for exciting concerts and live performances. This venue is open-air and the seats are built into the hillside.

El Paso County Coliseum is home to the El Paso Rhinos hockey team of the WSHL. It also hosts plenty of other exciting sport events including basketball, soccer, football, and much more!

El Paso County Coliseum also hosts concerts and live performances including circuses, ice performances, graduations, and other large scale social events.