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887 West Marietta Studio C, Atlanta, GA

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Aug 23

Wed 8:00 PM

Sep 19

Tue 8:00 PM

Oct 6

Fri 9:00 PM

Oct 8

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Oct 10

Tue 6:30 PM

Oct 11

Wed 8:30 PM

Oct 15

Sun 7:00 PM

Nov 8

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Nov 10

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Nov 18

Sat 11:59 PM

Nov 29

Wed 8:00 PM

Dec 11

Mon 8:00 PM

Dec 13

Wed 8:00 PM

Dec 14

Thu 9:00 PM

Feb 10 2018

Sat 7:00 PM

Terminal West is a trendy mid-sized live music and concert venue located at the King Plow Arts Center in the sprawling city of Atlanta, Georgia.

Terminal West not only hosts concerts and live events, it also has an on-site bar and delicious restaurant.

Terminal West hosts many notable artists and bands. Tickets are available to a variety of different genres of shows including indie, pop, rock, metal. hip hop, rap, and more!

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